or hardly working?
definitely the first, although I get to work at exactly what I like! For the most part anyway.

so, I finished this jewelry board just now, had to come over and show it off!

Okay so I had to totally tweak the brightness/contrast on that…
Pieces of an old wool sweater for the black, padded with rag, red flannel for the back, everything lashed down over a double cardboard base, and propped up with a antler (found at a garage sale), which is in turn supported by a little buckskin construction!
whew! My inner hippie is damn pleased. and maybe not so inner, now that we are out of water. Feeling mighty grubby these days. heh heh

Now I was directed to this tutorial about making nifty plastic laminate out of hdpe bags, so I gave it a try. Wouldn’t you know I sure didn’t have very many bags?!! and I don’t throw them away, either. I guess I have been using my cloth bags for awhile. In fact, I am still using a cornstarch based bag that I got from Sonni in 2005 when I visited her in Germany.
Anyway, here’s what I made:

(There are fabric scraps in there. And it is kind of slumped for this fast foto.) This will be a gift for a special someone, once it has taken on form.
I now have an order from Opal for a rain hat. I will need someone to give me some bags first!

Not bad for being only 2:30pm. I guess it is worth getting up at 7:30. Hmmmph, tomorrow will be earlier than that. School is starting! Guess I better run.