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I can’t sit at this desk for five minutes longer! so I’ll take four, and show you some new things.

a kids hat.

cuffs! With some of my best old buttons!


Oh, I have to get up! and knit more. I am averaging a hat a day these days. Last Thursday tomorrow.

Oh my god, some go buy these for me now, please!

They are from cosy knit’s etsy shop. They are the best thing I have seen in awhile. For true.

I have been having great times putting together my etsy shop. Still. Ongoing. I made a very funky lightbox yesterday from some foamboard that was headed to the dumpster at work. I knew I would find a use for it! Dumpster diving pays off again…

so I can take better photos now. Yay!
Check out this item listing for an example.
I’m serious, (my loathing of) taking pictures has effectively put me off selling online for ages. If I can get over that, it will be a major step.

So, funny story. Opal (10 yrs) has been taking “beauty lessons” from one of the popular girls at school. Instigated by the other girl, I’m sure. first tips were “To be popular you have to wear white socks.” Huh? I guess that explains why I never made the cut. Oh, and, “have your hair cut by a professional.” Yeah, O cuts her own hair. Regularly.
so anyway, I thought that she had sort of stopped getting the lessons when the other girl wouldn’t walk with Opal cause “she isn’t popular enough.” I urged Opal to reconsider whether or not she wants to aspire to someone with those obvious prejudices. But apparently there has still been instruction happening because O came home yesterday and said, “I’m going to stop getting the beauty lessons from Sidney. She said black has to be my favorite color cause she says she’s a Goth.” ??? Then O says, “I asked her if she had heard of Gothic Lolita. She would look really good in that style.” !!!
Go Opal! You rock, kid!
and then she goes to school today wearing magenta,orange and yellow shorts, a multi-colored tee, with a red sweatshirt, purple floral tights and blue jelly shoes. Amazing!

Alice, on the other hand, came in yesterday from shepherding and happily sat down to darn a sock! have you ever met such a 13 year old?

Okay, this was just a brief interlude to show off Cosy’s mitts. Talk to you all soon.