Now didn’t I start off this month so cocky about how I had released myself from the Romantic Mythos? “Seas have their source, and so have shallow springs, and Love is Love, in beggars and in kings,” so the song goes, and here I was disbelieving it.
But no, October has blown in with all it’s Scorpian bittersweet and I realize that I do indeed harbor several broken hearts…
So many compromises have been made. And I suppose that it is the acceptance of this that really brings a person closer to being an Elder than anything.
But what do I know?

I got an order a week ago for a scarf like the one I made for my friend Heidie. That one seen here

I made this autumnal beauty.

This type of project is a lot of fun. I never know how the colors will work together til I get aways past each combo. I learn a lot of about combinations doing this, if I care to pay attention.

I have been steadily working on wrapping up swaps and old projects. I will not be doing as many swaps in the future, at least not for the time being. Nothing personal, only a reservation of energies, now that I seem compelled to finish things. You know, i sign up for a cd swap, and I can’t just burn the durn things and send them out, no, I have to make a custom sewn pouch for each one, and hand write the playlists on recycled paper, and so on. and then half the time I don’t even like the music on the cds I receive, and who knows if they like the music on mine? Which reminds me, , I want to send you a copy of that mix…
I bought some little notebooks and I write a daily list on each page. I am fairly well impressed, not to be full of myself or anything, by how well I have been staying on task. I now feel uncomfortable if I have old projects hanging fire. This is quite novel. I like it! It’s like I get “anxiety in advance” if ends are raveling all over the place.
Guys, do you see the shift? I am so excited!! It won’t be long now, I am maturing past my flakiness! My house is staying clean, too!
I even went and wrapped up my trusty old site,, and I am now sending everyone over to the etsy shop. I have needed to do this for a long time. I will maintain (well, start maintain my existing) mailing list, too. More cleanup. yep. So go check out the old site and see how nifty and neat it looks.

And I figured out my next tattoo. I can’t tell you what it is, cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I will say it is going to be on my knuckles. And it is political in nature. Cause I’m so fuckin tough. ha hah ah hah!

I hear Opal yipping like a wild dog in the house (computer is in the outside office) and now there’s pounding, too, so I think that’s my cue.
be well all you happy people!