Who has the most refined style? Persephassa, of course! Click on the daily wears section of her photoalbum to see it. I will never be like that, and I don’t want to, but it sure is good to look at. She shops indie, too!

Opal has new dolly, Emily.
she is a topsy turvy doll, one side asleep:
Opal's new doll, sleepy side

one side awake:
Emily, the doll, ready for the day
Opal picked her out from this etsy shop and paid for it with her own money. (It was the shop’s first sale, too.)

mercury retrograde is upon us. It’s okay with me this time. I have been doing retrograde type things lately anyway. Clean up, clean up. That whole photo thing I have been into lately. Organizing all the pictures stored on my computer. That kind of thing.
I need to change the oil in my car. NOW.

We bought a new parakeet the other day, to keep Blueberry company. I hate to see a social animal alone, you know? The new one’s name is Popsicle. sigh. Blueberry and Popsicle are all bonded and preening each other.
Here’s the thing, I had to clip Popsicle’s wings so that I can open the cage. By the time they grow back, she will used to us and won’t freak out, flying all over the house. I hope.
clipped wings
my god is the God of Irony.