Yesterday, the new owner of the local highway mart/gas station greeted me with a “namaste!” that’s pretty dang exotic for this neck of the woods. I was thrilled, I tell you!
I also saw a confusing pair of bumper stickers on one car. One sticker read, “Honk if you love Neptune” and the second said “Don’t blame me, I voted Republican.”
I fear I’m missing something. Tell me if you can figure it out.

In knitting news, I have needed to pick up the sweater I am knitting for afghans for afghans current campaign, in which they are collecting sweaters and vests for people 9-18 years old. They are hoping to get 900! and the deadline is Nov. 3, so what have I been waiting for?

seamless yoke sweater in progress

I am making the seamless yoked sweater as per Elizabeth Zimmermann’s instruction, in Lamb’s Pride bulky, color: Dark Earth. I cast on and knit a sleeve yesterday. I will hopefully get the second sleeve done today and be able to join sweater body and sleeves tonight. I probably won’t have enought of the brown, so I am going to do a green patterned yoke, with this yarn that I purchased not so long ago.