I have been a busy person. I have not updated in so long, and there is too much to say in one post. Some highlights:
I went to the PDXEtsy fair on Nov. 19th, and sold very little, but had a wonderful time. I got to hang out with Kate. I sold the dotty tee-shirt to a lady who was very very hyper. It suited her well. We joked (Kate and I did) that I only sell a thing 2 years after it has been originally posted.

Here is new hat:


The girls and I got a great package from my pa:

All stuff he got for us in Poland. the bag with the spiral is from a company called Seven Wishes. You have to click on the polish language version of the site to see the collections, but it is worth the language barrier to check out the cool clothes! Unfortunately I couldn’t drag any of the photos so that I could post them here, so you will just have to go look.
Other things in the package were a hat from the Polish maountains, a shepherdess hat just for Alice! A great puzzle of vintage games, many stamps form Poland, thank you so much! and some more magazines: Shift, What is Enlightenment, Utne. If anyone wants to borrow some mags from me, just ask. I like to pass them around.

Here are the girls after the memorial for my mom:

and again

The white coat Opal is wearing was made for my mom by Grandma Rose. I had after her, than Alice, now Opsk.
Thanks to Anna for taking these photos.

what else? I have been making gifts. And shopping for them as well. I love buying presents! I can’t show those things off as they are gifts, and who knows who reads this blog?

I have to work today…it is a bad idea to go dye some roving I bought from midnight and lulu?
Nah, I’m going to do it! I have been making such headway on my ongoing stashbusting. Time to beef it up a bit. heh heh.