I took a few minutes to add almost the final touches to zaftig! Only a few ends to work in now. I don’t think I will even try to block it, although it will get a nice gentle wash for good measure.
So at long last, here she is!
zaftig... almost done

she is not perfectly fitting, but I will not wear her bare anyway. Or at least I won’t tell you about it, modest reader. Whether or not the fit issues are due to my knitting or the pattern, I know not. In any case, at my age it’s all make believe anyway!

The thing you can’t see in the picture is the absolutely perfect way that the variegation in the fixation is matched by that in ‘s handspun single. Perfect, I tell you. But, Opal is my official portrait photographer now that she has her own camera (yes, it was a great gift giving season in my family), so there are naturally limitations in her ability. She has the drive, her skill level will increase dramatically I predict.

I have to take the girls to the big library now, so I must away.