Here is the freeform piece I have been working on:

day 9

this is a few days back. New additions added daily! You can see the whole set here. I like this exercise. It will be quite a moster after 365 days of knitting on it. Then I will have a gallery show and sell it. hah hah!

Two things happening today: I am starting to plan my itinerary for Alice and my trip to Portland next week, and I am going into Astoria to open a bank account! I got the word from my soon-to-be landlady that we will need to start renting there on April 1! Exciting, and scary. I haven’t been financially independent since I don’t know when. I will be soon, though…

I have been having a hell of a time staying focussed on one project. So many ideas, so little time! I have an ad coming out on etsy’s Showcase tomorrow, and so I am working on a hat to feature in my shop; I have a pair of socks on the needles; I have to finish those tights for Sonni’s daughter, and so on. It will all get done in good time, though.

What else? I have decided on a general aesthetic for my etsy shop. I am having a banner made even. It will be good, just you wait.