is this hat.

handspun hat

I am fairly well pleased with the photo. It is in line with my aesthetic goals for my shop. For my life even! The only trouble with extending the aesthetic out to my surroundings is that it requires me to spend time developing new habits, and I want to spend my time making stuff. I figure that moving into a new house will give me a good start on a fresh look. I simply won’t have to move everything over to Astoria! Oooh, I had better not leave a mess behind, though, or I will sorely regret it…
Speaking of Astoria, I did indeed get a bank account there yesterday, which is noteworthy here on the blog for the sole reason that, completely by accident, I ended up dealing with my mother’s banker. She even had little stories to tell me about my mom. Funny ones, too.
Life is so poignant. Damn.

I love this photo.

from the flickr photostream of eclectic gipsyland.

Here, too, is a REALLY invigorating and soothing (what is this, aromatherapy?) photoset seen on flickr. Belonging to nesting.emily. I highly recommend it. ha hah!

now back to knitting. Or maybe sewing. One of the projects I have going right now is a pocket-only apron. You know, I inherited a large number of clothes from my mother, and most of them not so nice. I am working on finding ways to use some of the denim from her jeans that I can’t take to the thrift store. I imagine much of the fabric will end up as mulch, but a small amount of it is going into this little apron.
I think that I need to admit that, at least for the time being, I am not settled into doing only (up to) three projects at a time. I was doing so well, too!
na ja.