Just home from vacation. A little four day stint in Portland, and it was good. We had been talking about driving to California, but I thought that we could experience a sense of travel and Adventure without spending tons of money on gas, and indeed we could. I highly recommend the notion of taking vacation close to home!
Alice and I visited Shanna and Ivon. While at their place we discovered the Most Hilarious show Ever, the Mighty Boosh. Alice got her ears pierced, and Shanna gave her her first ever real haircut!
alice's haircut

Also Ivon loves Alice! See him jumping for joy?
the boy needs to play some soccer

We took alice shopping, too. It was really her coming-of-age trip, although we didn’t plan it that way.
So she has some schnazzy new clothes, a fresh cut, and she is looking good.

I made Shanna a pompom garland:
a garland for my friend

And I was moved by this way I set up to ply handspun into rope for the garland:

ply set up

It’s hard to say why this struck me as so wonderful. Although the shadows are pretty cool…
I think it has to do with the fact that I could conceive and execute immediately, with what I had on hand: a double point needle, two strands of rope that I had plyed earlier (‘s red lobster yarn making yet another appearance), a tiny ball of handspun, a dresser drawer. It’s DIY, baby.

Also, I love this art on shanna’s wall:
art on Shanna's wall
Always have. some day, I swear, I am going to make a fiber version.

I did continue working on my freeform knit project. It was hard to do this while on the road. Here is some of it:
day 20

Okay, this has to be installment number one, as I am in need of caffeinated beverage.
Part 2 will be: the visit with Kate (aka Calendar Girl) and Woods!
Stay Tuned!