such a wintery light today. There are swans on the marsh below our house.

the marsh below our house

I promised an entry about my trip to Kate’s, but never delivered. Ah time passes.
We had a wonderful time. Alice and Woods made two Risk boards, one of them BPAL themed, and we played a super fun parlor game that we then replicated at home. It goes like this:
You have two sets of cards, a large set with nouns written on them, and a much smaller set with adjectives thereupon. (One word per card please.)
Each player draws 7 noun cards for his or her hand, and the starting player turns one adjective card face up in the middle of the table. All of the other players then look through their noun cards and choose one that they feel would represent said adjective to the player who turned it, otherwise known as the judge. The judge then reads them aloud, everyone laughs, or moans, and then the judge chooses the noun card that they like the best. The player who played the noun card of choice then keeps the adjective card, and that is one point to them. Remember that each player needs to keep seven noun cards in thier hand.
We played a commercial version of this game, but of course we had to make a custom deck when we got home. It is as much fun to write up the hundreds of noun and adjective cards as it is to play. Plus it is an ongoing process, the making of this deck.
We tested our deck out on some friends the other night, and it was a smashing success.

Kate gave me this hat, and I have been letting Alice wear it. It is perfect. The ganomey pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann, altered a bit. Thank you Kate!!! You are great!!!
ganomy hat

Okay, here is my happiest creative moment for the season.
pocket belt
a pocket
Isn’t it so wonderful?
It is embroidered, quilted, appliqued. Coffee satined denim from some of my mom’s jeans. All other fabrics old thrifted, or otherwise scrounged. This has been on my wishlist for so long. Inspired ages ago by a post in juju loves polka dots and also by gooseflesh on flickr…