I discovered yesterday that my camera is really out of adjustment. I was practicing macro photography, but it was impossible. The lens must be at an odd angle, because the pictures turn out too high. It won’t photograph what I am pointing it at, in other words. I guess I will have to not need to use macro! I will try using Opal’s camera before I give up entirely.

Oh how I love making bias tape!
making bias
old things into new treasures…
This is another pocket belt in progress. To be sold. I think.

Yesterday was a perfect day! Imbolc is here! I gardened, and cooked, and went to work. I rediscovered the wonderfulness of all the diverse jars we keep our spices in. So many years of choosing interesting containers! I will have to photograph them.

I had grand plans for this entry, but my heart is not in sitting in front of a computer. I suspect that I will be an erratic poster (even more erratic than I already am? is this possible?) as the spring, and the move loom closer…