One of the good things about moving is the opportunity to Take Stock.
Alice has been putting together her core library, boxing it up. It is extensive. Today she asked me what is mine, and what a fun exercise it is to consider what are my favorite books, a whole lifetime’s worth?
For the record, here they are. Undoubtedly I am forgetting some. Oh, and I don’t happen to own all of these at present. I can’t resist giving books away to people I think would like them! asteriks by the ones I am currently without.

Small is Beautiful, E.F Schumacher
Blood Orchid, Charles Bowden
The Curve of Time, M. Wylie Blanchett (okay okay I haven’t read it yet, but I can tell by holding it!)
The American Indian and the Problem of History, essays
The Art of Couture, Roberta Carr
The Vogue Sewing Book
The Opinionated Knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann *
The Golden Compass and the other two in that trilogy, Philip Pullman
Klader!, Nina Erickson
Native Funk and Flash, Jacopetti & Wainwright
Little Big, John Crowley *
Knitting in the Nordic Tradition, Vibeke Lind *
A Language Older Than Words, Derrick Jensen *
History of Costume & Design (?), Max Tilke
Designing Knitwear, Deborah Newton
A Wizard of Earthsea, Ursula K. LeGuin *
Kit’s Wilderness, David Almond *
The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Carla Emery
Ferment & Human Nutrition, Bill Mollison
The Joy of Cooking, the Rombauers
Linnets & Valerians, Elizabeth Goudge *
The Cuckoo Tree, Joan Aiken *
Journey to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotsen
Almanac of the Dead, Leslie Marmon Silko
Ceremony, ibid
Wild Children, essay by Hakim Bey (in the book T.A.Z.)*
Mikal Gilmore’s essay about his family (in the Family issue of Granta) *
my dictionaries, German and English
Healing Wise, Susun S. Weed
The Moosewood Cookbook, the original, illus. by Mollie Katzen *
Western Garden Book, Sunset Press
Plants for a Future, Ken Fern
most of Jane Austen’s books *
Mushrooms Demystified, David Arora
Journey from Head to Heart, Jan Engels Smith
The Fifth Sacred Thing, Starhawk
Permaculture Design Manual, Bill Mollison *
Behaving as if the God in all Life Matters, Machealle Small Wright *
the writings of Peace Pilgrim *
Rosemary Gladstar’s small books on using herbs
Women & Nature, Susan Griffin *
the Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Nan Goldin * (I have to count this, although I gave it away but it was monumentally influential and the first time I ever spent $40 on a book)

I think that’s it. Not exactly travelling light is it?