Note: Since I love making lists, I decided to participate in this 101 things in 1000 days game.
Deadline: Nov 25, 2010

Some of these items are rather immediate and will inevitably be replaced by similar, unforeseen craft projects. will they count as itemized tasks? Probably not. However, I couldn’t think of 100 tasks, so perhaps those eventual projects will fill the gaps. this is good for now. It will be edited.

1. finish aprons for ages-old swap
2. sew blanket from cut-out sweater squares
3. finish Sally & Roger’s afghan
4. make felt mary janes
5. tan a hide
6. make Audrey’s mittens
7. knit knee socks for alice
8. knit knee socks for myself -1
9. knit knee socks for myself -2
10. frame picture from paperbullet
11. frame picture from Prague
12. knit close-fitting cardigan for myself
13. knit sweater for james
14. participate in tie-one-on
15. knit Norwegian wrap shawl for Shanna
16. spin yarn for KC’s sweater
17. knit KC’s sweater
18. finish EZ yoked sweater
19. finish baby tights
20. knit 3 Perdita
21. mend Stan’s blue pants
22. make pants from above pair
23. ragg wool socks for Mark- find sweater, ravel it, knit socks, repeat
24. make “art tee shirt for Roger
25. finish alice’s ripple afghan
26-33. explore folk costume themes through dresses (x 8)
34. knit & full a kayak/kayaker doll
35. make EZ leggings for Alice
36. make EZ leggings for myself
37. knit cocoon shrug
38. learn to make welt pockets
39. sew Opal’s PJs
40. make simplicity 4122
41. make undies from tee-shirts
42. complete new address book

43. set up craft night 1x/month
44. set up games night 1x/month
45. have a radio show again!
46. have garage sale
47. have garage sale
48. research Food & Farm/ slow Food in Astoria, start group if needed
49. enroll in dance class and stay in it!
50. act in one production (at least)
51. have a gallery show
52. market bottle bags

53. buy water line
54. buy jumbo flyer and more bobbins for spinning wheel
55. one disc’s worth of new music/month
56. Mighty Boosh episodes/ radio show

57. study German deeply, 1 word/day
58. research Charette lineage
59. read Derrick Jensen’s End Game
60. Memorize the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses so I can tell it well
61. Learn one song/month. Inside & out

home & garden:
62. grow a bed of kale from seed
63. plant lingonberries
64. plant blue honeysuckle
65. brew 4 batches of beer
66. brew batch of root beer from scratch
67. completely declutter by end of 1000 days
68. move to Astoria
69. paint Margaret’s living room
70. rewire standing lamp
71. grow millet for birds
72. grow cumin
73. put up 12 cords firewood
74. grow a lemon tree
75. install water tank

76. Vancouver with Mark
77. Glittercon ’07 with Kate
78. visit Toronto
79. attend Fairy Congress at least once
80. attend Barter Faire at least once