But first, a kid moment.
Opal had a friend over today and they were having a grand time chasing the big sister.
They came up to me and O said, “Mommy, have you seen Alice?”
Me: “No. Have you?”
O: “No. We want to find her so we can drive her out of all Brittania.”


Here is the house I am going to be moving into this summer.
my new house...

I am very very excited.
Now, I have to say, moving back to town is going to be a bit weird. I have lived in the country for 12 years, and we are talking the American West. There is a lot of open space here, and there is a lot of Wildness. How am I going to adapt to living in town? where will I find the untamed space? Granted it is Astoria, where the wind will blow your flesh right into your Dreaming.
I guess I asked to be a bridge builder. So now I will practice bridging the gap between town and country.
Urbanruralferal, baby!