so you see dear people, I am not a daily blogger. It comes and goes with me, my desire to sit in front of this box. I have been so busy lately that I have two letters received over the past two days that I have not read yet! If that is any indication.

I have been diligently working on my socks for a certain swap. They look really good.
One of the best things about this current round of knitting, (which has been very educational, lots of lace) is that I now know how much I enjoy working on small needles. I got 3 sets of needles in the mail on Saturday and the 00s seemed so big in my hands after holding the 0000s. The above swatch was done on 0s, I think.

I should make mention of that background which is in so many pictures. It is my ironing board, some funky ol thrifted number padded with a couple blankets and a piece of cheap but lovely cotton. My main workspace for non-knit projects, and sometimes a cat bed, sadly. I love my ironing board.

I have been getting tons of materials from the library. My turn finally came around for Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, and while I already have all these other projects going on, I couldn’t resist and had to cast on for the irish diamond shawl (linking here to an example found on flickr…)
I am decidedly all about shawls and stoles these days. Long have I been of the mind that it is perfectly acceptable to wear blankets in public (I think I have mentioned this) and shawls are an extension of that. Finally I am free of couture delusions! HAH! Just give me a rectangle or triangle of fabric and I will be clothed!
In that Folk Shawls book, there is a pattern for a Victorian Wool Peddler’s shawl, and the story she tells has it that red shawls were traditionally worn at market by women selling wool goods. I am so making myself one of these. I have an itch to get to market. I have a general all-around travelling itch, actually. I am ready to quit the cleaning job and get out on the road for a spell. It’s not going to happen though, not for a couple months anyway.
Anyhow, I haven’t enough inventory to go anywhere, and with all the errands I have to run today I won’t be making anything new. I am buying Opal a horse riding helmet this afternoon as she is going to an equine expo with Sharin on Saturday. I am thankful that she is getting so much horse time, that kid, and I am holding my breath waiting for this good thing to end. (Remember, Bramble: live in the moment, make the most out of what is available right now. Enjoy it while it lasts.)

There are some whomping huge developments in the family life I should mention. I withdrew Opal from public school yesterday. For a number of reasons. The school scene here is so chokingly provincial, I am sick of living as a minority in a Dominant Culture. Opal has some overwhelming behavior issues to boot, and all the things weren’t meshing so well. So it’s back to homeschooling (well, unschooling, you know) two daughters, at least until next fall.

Okay, right. I am off to the next thing now. Tomorrow!