In a recent post, Helle talked a bit about training one’s self to see light. Timely, as I very recently realized my desire in creating art is to capture lights and shadows in threads. It is true that I have no gift for figuring, so that forces me into the abstract, landscapes at best, but that is what moves me anyway! Daily I am brought into my wings by some play of light, be it delicate or dramatic, on the land or water.
Also, I have a growing sense of how to articulate the rich symbolic language that is always whispering in my ears or pounding in my heart.
Now I need to practice relentlessly techniques that will enable me to translate my dual visions of light and symbol, symbol and light, into stitched scraps of cloth.
I have been inspired by jude’s textile studies, very much. These are right up my alley, and exercises like these would fit into my schedule. Also inspiring in the same vein are Lee’s daily postcards. I don’t have any of my own work to show you right now. I feel brand new and blinking in the light.
Nevertheless, I feel like I am in the process of discovering my peers through the blogosphere.