i trade
hee hee. I have been needing a little sign along these lines for my craft table so I thought I would make today’s random stitch exercise have a purpose.

so hey! I was tagged by helle the other day to do the 7 things meme. Random facts or habits? okay!
1. My car is usually at least half full of other people’s recycling.
2. I have spiral tattoos on the top of both feet.
3. I lived for several years without electricity. We always kept a car stereo available, powered by batteries, and usually one light, but little else.
4. I have dandruff.
5. I am passionately interested in insects.
6. For about a decade (when I was a kid), I thought I was going to be a professional actress (not a star). I was really into theater. However, I haven’t been in a play in over 20 years now.
7. I have a growing desire to be completely nomadic, on foot.

I tag 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

It was hard to pick people to tag. why? cause I don’t read a lot of blogs (it’s so hard to find the time!), and I have not commented on some of the blogs I do read, given the need for a google/blogger account which I haven’t gotten yet. also, I haven’t been blogging long outside of lj and I don’t think my blog is widely read…yet.

So, I had a breakneck weekend with tons of fun and very few stitches (outside of my mandatory daily rows on the Irish Diamond shawl). Saturday was Mark’s and my 16th wedding anniversary. Sally and Roger treated the whole family to dinner at Astoria, Oregon’s new Fort George brewpub. It was great food and drink (wasabi ginger ale!) and after dinner we wandered the Saturday night streets in sunglasses (well, I was) looking for deesert and checking out the action.
I could go on about the wonders of being married for so long, but it will have to wait. It is amazing, though. Over these long years, I have learned things I never imagined existed.

Sunday had Kate and I driving up to Seattle for a glitter meetup, glitter being an online forum. It is an odd thing, being willing to drive hours to hang out with people you have never really met. But Kate and I are fast real life friends and we met through the internet so whatever. It was a blast.
Here’s a funny photo of all of us. I’m in front, go check it out, I’ve got on this totally fab capelet somone gave me. Plus you can see the new sunglasses…

To add to the fun, a couple of us were stopped on the street by a young guy with a camera who said he was doing a street fashion piece for the Seattle PI. There goes one minute of my alloted 15 of fame…except I haven’t been able to find the photo online…

well I have a bit of stiching to do before bed, so I’m off. G’night!