The shawl in yesterday’s post has gotten some attention and I thought I would dredge up the pattern for the people who have asked. Brought over from my LJ archives and edited.

“I thought I would post a recipe for a Norwegian shawl, in the school style, as I’ve heard it called.

Susanne Pagoldh says in her book Nordic Knitting that you need 1300 yds of wool for this.
You cast on the outer edge in the example I am giving. Since I am using a fingering weight yarn and a size 5 (I think) needle, I will CO 580 sts. A heavier yarn ( and correspondingly bigger needle) would probably be about 350-450 sts. I haven’t done one like that, so I’m not sure. Mark the center stitch with a marker or a thread.

The rule on this shawl is to K2 together at the beginning and end of each row, and K2 together after the center stitch marker each row. (dec 3 sts each row) This ensures that your shawl gets smaller. It ends up as a kind of boomerang shape, very long.
I knit each row (garter st) for about 16 rows, and then do this:
keep doing your standard decreases, and *K2 together, YO* for one whole row.
Do 3 rows in the garter stitch pattern, and then do one row in the *K2 together, YO* pattern.
You could follow that with with 8 rows of ribbing, or just more garter st, and then do another set of eyelets, as above.
After that, I do a longer stretch of garter, maybe 12-16 rows, and then the eyelet set again. And repeat until it’s done.
Once you are done knitting, you can crochet around the whole outside, or not. You can add fringe on the bottom edge, or not.
Very simple! and open for interpretation.

This shawl is both functional and elegant, and is sure to get you tons of compliments.”

the shawl I knit for alice several years ago

(alice is maybe 10?)