A couple highlights, on this grey fall day. The chill is setting in, and I can feel October in the air, especially in this town of my childhood. I live in the same neighborhood as I did when I was 12, 13, and a rough time it was, too, but nevertheless, there are deep memories, and I relish them.

So, the goings-on. Today I am attending a workshop “based on the physical improvisation training developed by Polish theater director Jerzy Grotowski.” I was so excited to come across the flyer! This is right up my alley for this time in my life that contains so much improvisation. Dance as well! I am signed up for two dance classes, although I missed them last week. :( Beginning ballet, and hip-hop/jazz. Walking, too, is almost a daily activity. If it weren’t for all the beer I drink at work, I would be a bit thinner.

And the second item of note relates to improv as well. There is a once-a-week open mike, except without the mike, at the local bread collective/bakery (every town should have one!) I try to attend regularly, although I don’t ever sing. At the very least, I get to listen to my good friend Paul Hoskin play his contra-bass clarinet. This last week, at Paul’s suggestion, Opal brought her bells, which are the same as a glockenspiel(?), and she did an improvisational performance. It had some fine moments. At the end of the evening, all the musicians played together, including O. She says as we drove away, “We could start a band!” Needless to say, we will return to the Blue Scorcher bakery next Thursday.

I am headed out to the country tonight; I should be bringing back photo-enabling technological devices. I have new memory rings, courtesy of Courtney. Finally I can remember things again.