So my little holiday in the warm glow of the woodstove is about to come to an end. Phone and power are back up in Astoria, although I don’t know if my house is back on the grid, and I need to work tonight…

I have had a lovely visit to the country!

I cast on for a dinky-dong project while out here. Looking through the available yarns, donated needles in hand, completely underwhelmed by the acrylics kindly given to me by a friend of my brother-in-law, and then it hit me. Dancegear! So, a skein of Paton’s Canadiana is becoming a pair of ankle warmers for dance class, and the red Red Heart bulky fuzzy shit is going to become either a warm-up sweater or shorts, not sure which yet. One of the women in my ballet class is a knitter and is always rockin some handknit legwarmers or warmup shorts (based on EZ’s leggings no less!)

Did I mention I have been immersing myself in the world of dance? Let it be known! I finally have the self-confidence and the resources (ie, there are classes in my area) to pursue this which I have (and my hips) have been desiring all these years. So, this translates into two ballet classes/week, and various explorations of movement in my daily life. Looking at spaces as potential performance spaces. I am reading and thinking about choreography (that would be Modern dance, not ballet) and on sunday, I travel with Paul to Portland to Performance Works Northwest to participate in The Tuning Score, assuming I was able to get the day off of work.
I am exhilarated and nervous about this new venture. As for Mark, he says, “Going through a mid-life crisis, Shan?” funny guy!
Naturally I am thinking about costuming possibilites.

Mark needs this computer, so I will be making this post short.