without further ado, I re-enter. Again.

I must say, I hope I won’t be leaving it for some time now. I do like blogging, and I have had my fill of impediments to said activity!

As of yesterday, I have broadband in my home, and while I am still using sweet Alice’s computer (with her blessing), I intend to participate in that which has brought me so much joy in the past. It has taken me a really long time to make certain commitments that would ferry me back into polite society, like getting internet service, partly out of budgetary concerns, but mostly just as a result of the traumas that the last 6 months of Total and Complete Rootlessness have heaped upon me. I spent a solid 7 weeks feeling extremely detached from most things. (I was told I would make a good bag lady, and the commenter was right.)
I look forward to really going off with my new camera now I can post pictures to flickr any damn time I choose.

one-eye willie
I wasn’t actively seeking new cat company, after the demise of my pets in October’s fire, but I inherited this pesky fellow when I moved into my new house. he was named One-Eye Willie after the pirate in the unfortunate 1985 release, the Goonies, which was, unfortunately filmed here in my hometown, and which is, unfortunately, apparently a huge tourist draw for fans of the movie. Much misfortune in this story. Not that I really mind. As long as they (the tourists) tip well.
Anyhoo, this fine fellow does a great job of shredding my new IKEA rug and new IKEA chair (and if you would have told me a year ago that I would have so much IKEA furniture I would have scoffed, but when I must admit it is a decent place for instant decor if you have lost your tried-and-trues) and he loves to sleep on your face. cats. sheesh.

My new house is finally a Home (that is the tagline to December’s movie) complete with table and dustpan (neither from IKEA) and I must say I like it better than the last. A bit more expensive, it’s true, but cozy. You can witness a small slice of my current obsession with primary colors in the above photo. I like to say I have earned my fire colors, but I suspect it is just my inner pre-schooler coming out to play.

Expect more from me in the future. Alki, as the say in Chinook jargon. I am back, knitting, dancing, sewing, parenting, and just tripping out in general.