Mark and I had a field trip today, out to South Jetty, where the Big River meets the sea.

the ocean side.

It was great ankle exercise, and wonderful windy…

On the way home, I saw this incredible thing:

We almost stumbled upon a wounded seal.
wounded seal
maybe shot by a fisherman?
We had a long talk about compassion after that.
Not that I am, particularly. Compassionate, that is.

Went to ballet class last night, after a far-too-long break, some of it holiday dictated, some of it self-imposed. I have to regain all that I lost. sigh. At least I know what can be lost.
At class, I learned that one of my fellow students found me on the internet. On ravelry. She is quite an accomplished knitter, and a good dancer, too. A shout out to noodleknit!

Sometimes at dance, I feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the group. My skill level is so low, but why whine? I am clear about not being there to become ballerina, but rather to learn coordination and discipline, and in that I am succeeding. when I go.

Anyway, I definitely don’t feel disconnected here!
fort at night
My pub.
which gets a bit in the way of my developing that “dancer’s body…”
Ha ha!

I have been taking quite a few photos, many of which don’t make it outside of flickr. Go check them out if you like!

Upcoming is a wonderful passage by the composer Christian Wolff in which he describes how improvisational music can act as social change!

Until next time…