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Extreme costume building: this guy designed and made a tauntaun costume.

Someone told me recently that they were interested in the death of Culture. I did not know what they meant. I still don’t actually. But today I ran across this while reading an essay in the book, Camp Grounds, Style and Homosexuality:
“The Frankfurt School argued that all cultural forms in an era of bourgeois dominance are inauthentic, artifacts of false consciousness, the anithesis of genuine expressions of individuality and freedom. In his examination of popular music, Theodor Adorno claimed that its repetitious phrases and rhythms are essentially the same as the rhythms of the modern factory, so that pleasure in the former secures one’s complicity in the latter. The only way to resist such social control is by introducing the negative through forms of critical thought (and critical expressions of art) that oppose the ideologically dominant forms of popular thought and cultural experience. These negations must deny the essentially affirmative nature of culture and must critique the form and structure of bourgeois culture as well as its content.” —Matias Viegener