Born of a beautiful teenage barmaid and a itinerant snake-oil peddler, I spent my childhood in a seaside carnival populated with bohemians, jugglers, hunchbacks, fortune tellers, harlots, piemen, and darkest espresso.  There were fairies and monsters all around me, in the caravans and teepees, on the stage and on the shore, and banners flew most every day.
Later I was whisked away into a most grey and gritty town of taverns and stories of shanghaied sailors, where a different magic indeed held sway, and after a time, those early years seemed like time spent on the Enchanted Isles…
I have spent my life seeking access to that world that swirls with secrets and distant laughter, singing my way into it, stitching my way into it.
I have arrived again at last, and it is from that place that I create, using what I find around me.  I stitch Wildness and humor into all my creations.