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I have the internet at my home again. I have a lot to share; this life is even more of an adventure then ever.

Alice and I visited B’ not too long ago and played some hurdy gurdy.

I went back yesterday with my new friend Moss and I got to try my hand at one of the instruments again. They are tuned to one key (at any given time) so there are no “wrong” notes. These boxes that B’ is building are small and yet so resonant.
Yesterday was a pretty magical day all around. It is not often that I meet someone with whom I effortlessly share a vocabulary. It makes it possible to have a deep conversation without a lot of the introductory footwork. This is relatively exhausting and so best done in small doses.

Winter afternoons in this town are quite beautiful.

downtown astoria winter afternoon

When the gray of the water and of the water-in-the-sky match each other in such a way it can be quite breathtaking.

I am on the air tonight, and every other Thursday from 11pm-1am PST. You can stream it live so please tune me in sometime.

Merry meet!

Thursday was a wild night. It was Heather’s birthday, which led to a lot of drinking with the work posse. I didn’t make it home before my radio show, which I did completely plastered. I pulled it off, but still, it’s a really bad idea, and against the rules besides.
At about 12:30, half an hour before my show was over, I got a call that the Cannery Cafe was on fire. I could see an immense conflagration from the windows of the station, a mile away maybe…
It hit me in my fire spot. I started playing the same song over and over again, pacing and irrationally needing to leave the building. I couldn’t get out of there til 1 am, but then I hopped on my bike and rode down to see the buildings burn.

A lot of people are out of work right now.

fire in astoria

I’m back…
I just processed a few photos I took a week or two ago down at the foot of the bridge that crosses the Mighty Big river (call it Columbia if you will). Mark and some friends had gone out to surf the clapotis (no, it’s not just a scarf) and I wanted to see if I could capture some of the fun with my new camera.

three boats



now there’s a happy Mark.

more on my flickr.

I do think I will start in on the 365 days diary. I have been enjoying pictures that much.

humungous storm

We just had a beautiful tremendous storm that has our power out even now, several days later…
an “extratropical cyclone,” they say. The flash that I saw sunday night (and thought, “no, there shouldn’t be lightning”) was one of the transformers blowing out. I love to see transformers blowing…

I am in the country now, basking in the world of electricity, woodstove, brought some stout in from town so I’m good to go!

This is the first storm season that I have been living totally dependent on grid power, and it is a bit humbling. My new house has electric cooking and sans electricity, there’s no hot food, but I’m not complaining. The owners of my work establishment (shall I call them bosses) were so generous to open up their doors to all off us “in the family” who needed a place to cook and so forth. It has been a bonding time.

High points of the storm: heading up to Paul’s 8th floor apartment on sunday afternoon to listen to the wind, thinking about environment=instrument, and my question was, “Is one environment or instrument?” and Paul’s answer was “both?”
Maybe it didn’t go quite like that but something… (the stout is getting in the way)

Walking Monday morning with the girls in the 80 (or higher) mph gusts, learning how to keep from being blown over (back to the wind and squat down).

Sitting for an hour in a line for gasoline, not that I really needed gasoline, but I wanted the experience. Why was this a high point? (especially as the pump I was in line for ran out exactly when I got to it)
Humans here don’t seem to have many outlets for their wildness, and this kind of event brings people to their edge, the edge of their comfort zone. It doesn’t take much to push them, and I spent the hour waiting for fuel listening to the human storm raging around me… like a carnival, but more frightening.

Community. How many ways can I count my appreciation for the informal family I have stepped into and helped to create on our small block in Astoria? My heart goes out…

So, a snippet of video that Mark shot standing on a porch on the mouth of Skamokawa creek on Monday morning. Looking away from the river. The wind combined with an ebb tide made for some high drama. I was several miles downriver from where this was filmed.

Speaking of film, between the time of this post and the last, I had flash moment in which my fear of taking photos was diminished if not erased. Thanks go out to soph of stitch blog for her diy camera school. It pushed me over the edge into understanding.
Sadly, I left the camera in town, but you will have photos. Oh will you ever, I promise.