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Hey freaky folk!
from Ratsmagic

I haven’t spent much time looking through tumblr sites, not til last night anyway. Then Mark sent me a link to OneStonedCrow.
Now, you know that if’n I was going to be a collector of anything (excepting yarn and fabric) it would be richly illustrated children’s books. I had a small collection, but I think much of it perished in the fire. I don’t know; I have never been big on keeping inventories.
There is one book that I have been straining to remember for several years now; a book that was given to my brother sometime in the 70’s, one that really got into my head. Only visually I guess, ’cause I never could recall the name of the book or who the illustrator was.
It was there on that site, buried in the archives.
The book is called ‘Ratsmagic’ illustrated by Wayne Anderson.

from Ratsmagic

Here is a link to all the pictures from the book.

I guess maybe I will work on knitting that fairy house today.


Blog as journal.  Blog as organizational tool. Blog as archive.  Blog as command center.  Yes!

My favorite gift received this holiday season:

when what I wanted most was fiber and containers.  Perfect!

Recent book acquisition: The Art of Embroidery by Françoise Tellier-Loumagne. It was while perusing this book that I decided to use my blog once more, as a sort of workbook. A place to continue documenting my journey through the world of fiber art. Perhaps it is winter weather keeping me inside, off my bike, stitching and slowly revisiting the internet.
I have everything to learn about composition!

This was my craft and textile library.

my bed
This was my bed, and my beloved window. I used to wake every morning to the sun’s rise reflected on downtown Astoria. That last night I woke (at 3 am) to the smell of smoke and the backyard all a-glow, cozy crackling and the sight of sparks coming off the side of the house…

The refrigerator. The kitchen was hardest hit. You can see the ladder behind the fridge that is being used to get upstairs. The stairs burned through.

There are few more pictures on my flickr. I am hoping to move beyond all this soon, but truth be told, I have been having hard days lately…

So, imagine this, me blogging. A strange, forgotten urge to check in with this world that has served me so well in the past, and one that I have so little time (need) for these days.

Have you wondered what has been going on in my life? I am here to tell you, a bit of it anyway.

I live in town now, in Astoria, Oregon, a beautiful, painted, tawdry creature that perches on the edge of the water, the Mighty Big river, the Columbia. I live in a house that was built before the turn of the last century, a house that tilts towards the water, as do all things here, eventually.
I had a house-warming last Saturday, and used my oven for the first time. My kitchen has been christened!
I work in a brew-pub, mostly cooking, 5 shifts a week. This takes up immense amounts of my time, and I have had to adjust, but it has not been difficult. One thing that I have not had much time for, well, any time for really, is fiber arts etc. To fulfill my creative yearnings there has been costuming for the street! My first foray into textile love…and here I am back at it. Second up on the creative sheet has been altering the interior of my home to suit. I moved in here on August 23, and it was almost exactly one month later that I had swept away the last in-your-face traces of the previous occupant, my beloved Margaret (aforementioned as mentor, dyer, and source of too much yarn to list). Now the house is mine, a working definition of possession anyway.

Today is a day off, and I woke just after 6 to see kids off to school, and scrub the porch steps. Flyspeck is not my preferred aesthetic, despite the inescapable Chaos factor!

Sadly I have no camera at my disposal currently. One reason I have been hesitant to blog as of late. Another reason is that I am a bit afraid to show my face in the Internet sphere is that I have flaked on a few obligations made before the move. I did try to drop all swaps that would come due during this time, but I was unable to get out of them. I am afraid I have indeed tarnished my reputation as a reliable swapper, but still, I have been working through them as time allows. You can hate me if you want, but I promise you, it isn’t worth the energy! :)

So, for anyone who drops in here to see whatever happened to me, thanks! I can’t say that I will blog actively, and I must say I haven’t read anyone else’s blog entries since my last post (june!), Hell, I haven’t even checked my email in a month, as my computer isn’t hooked up to th’Internet and I am posting today from Alice’s notebook.

Speaking of Alice, I should say that she is adjusting remarkable well to High School. Her homeroom as it were is the stage, literally; she loves her science, English, and Drama classes, tolerates the rest; she has a small group of friends already, and is otherwise refusing to get involved in the Popularity Game. And I don’t believe that, several weeks into the school year, she has repeated an outfit yet! All she is wanting now is some employment so that she can finance various upcoming trips to the theater: one to see The Importance of Being Earnest, and a spring trip to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival.
Opal is also doing well, in her Opally way. Her room is exactly as messy as it ever was; through her roamings, she knows the new neighborhood better than any of us; and she is taking percussion in her music class. For those who know Opal, you will see how fitting that is.
And I walk almost every day, down on the tracks, dancing on the rails, meeting all the weeds growing there. Falling, and getting back up. In my short time in town, I have sustained two minor-to-moderate injuries on the tracks, the most recent a serious stone bruise that healed miraculously thanks to arnica and reiki.
If you walk on the edge, baby, you gonna fall sometimes.

Most recent book acquisition is European Textile Design from the 1920’s. Here’s another moment when I wish I had the camera.

Okay, that’s all for now!