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from work that is. I am feeling a bit dragged down by this cold, which I have not been babying. As much if not a bit more beer drinking than usual these days. ah, the perils of working in a pub…
We have an old Martin Mull comedy record with a funny bit about how to meet musicians if you want to start a band or something. In the sheet music store of course! Then they launch into 2001 Polkas…
anyway, my recent trips to Joann fabrics have been much like this. The last two forays into that mega-store, to buy thread et al, have resulted in fantastic visits with fellow stitchers that have led to home visits and even stash reduction! I have been going through my fire damaged yarn and fabric stashes, and the whole lot needs some serious culling. I guess more was saved than I had originally thought, but really, I am working, ever working, towards greater selectivity.
Good-bye, kidsilk haze!

I was framing pictures yesterday but didn’t have my camera with me. (I so rarely do.) Last night I got home from work and found my camera in my bed. I guess when I laid down for an afternoon nap, I took it up with me, as if I would find moments that begged to be snapped! Anyway, I’m about due for another long perusal through soph’s stitch blog in search of more photo tutorials. Her DIY art and photography schools are truly an invaluable resource. Mmmm, and she sent me a lovely mix cd post fire, too. Thanks, Soph!

Speaking of thanks, I must publicly acknowledge receipt of a lovely addition to our family, from jude of Spirit Cloth. this little fellow!

It rode around with me in my pocket for weeks after it’s arrival.

Sunday was an amazing dance day in Portland at Performance Works Northwest. We were doing further work on the Tuning Score. Lisa Nelson, who developed this means of exploration, is coming for an intensive in not too long…
Sunday’s whole experience deserves a lengthy elaboration, one that I do not have the inclination for in this moment. I should like to get back and make a post about it soon. Perhaps I will.

Here is a postcard for you all.


So my little holiday in the warm glow of the woodstove is about to come to an end. Phone and power are back up in Astoria, although I don’t know if my house is back on the grid, and I need to work tonight…

I have had a lovely visit to the country!

I cast on for a dinky-dong project while out here. Looking through the available yarns, donated needles in hand, completely underwhelmed by the acrylics kindly given to me by a friend of my brother-in-law, and then it hit me. Dancegear! So, a skein of Paton’s Canadiana is becoming a pair of ankle warmers for dance class, and the red Red Heart bulky fuzzy shit is going to become either a warm-up sweater or shorts, not sure which yet. One of the women in my ballet class is a knitter and is always rockin some handknit legwarmers or warmup shorts (based on EZ’s leggings no less!)

Did I mention I have been immersing myself in the world of dance? Let it be known! I finally have the self-confidence and the resources (ie, there are classes in my area) to pursue this which I have (and my hips) have been desiring all these years. So, this translates into two ballet classes/week, and various explorations of movement in my daily life. Looking at spaces as potential performance spaces. I am reading and thinking about choreography (that would be Modern dance, not ballet) and on sunday, I travel with Paul to Portland to Performance Works Northwest to participate in The Tuning Score, assuming I was able to get the day off of work.
I am exhilarated and nervous about this new venture. As for Mark, he says, “Going through a mid-life crisis, Shan?” funny guy!
Naturally I am thinking about costuming possibilites.

Mark needs this computer, so I will be making this post short.

A couple highlights, on this grey fall day. The chill is setting in, and I can feel October in the air, especially in this town of my childhood. I live in the same neighborhood as I did when I was 12, 13, and a rough time it was, too, but nevertheless, there are deep memories, and I relish them.

So, the goings-on. Today I am attending a workshop “based on the physical improvisation training developed by Polish theater director Jerzy Grotowski.” I was so excited to come across the flyer! This is right up my alley for this time in my life that contains so much improvisation. Dance as well! I am signed up for two dance classes, although I missed them last week. :( Beginning ballet, and hip-hop/jazz. Walking, too, is almost a daily activity. If it weren’t for all the beer I drink at work, I would be a bit thinner.

And the second item of note relates to improv as well. There is a once-a-week open mike, except without the mike, at the local bread collective/bakery (every town should have one!) I try to attend regularly, although I don’t ever sing. At the very least, I get to listen to my good friend Paul Hoskin play his contra-bass clarinet. This last week, at Paul’s suggestion, Opal brought her bells, which are the same as a glockenspiel(?), and she did an improvisational performance. It had some fine moments. At the end of the evening, all the musicians played together, including O. She says as we drove away, “We could start a band!” Needless to say, we will return to the Blue Scorcher bakery next Thursday.

I am headed out to the country tonight; I should be bringing back photo-enabling technological devices. I have new memory rings, courtesy of Courtney. Finally I can remember things again.