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perfect day

Beautiful beautiful day. This is where Opal gets to spend her horse time. It’s quite a menagerie over at Joan and Vicki’s.


These beasts have very very good lives.

Some links that have been moving me:
I want this wooden bento box. And this book on making old fashion root beer and ginger ales.
Recently added to the links list is Kiliii Dreaming. Nature photography for the most part. Here is a great picture of turkey vultures. They are among my favorite birds. Kiliii’s site came to my attention after he built a driftwood kayak with Mark’s friend Brian of Cape Falcon Kayak.

The recent disappearance of the honeybees has been really hard on me. I will need to make a post just about my thoughts about this. There are many.

You know I like to keep you abreast of Opal’s musical preferences. They are so varied! In current hot hot rotation are Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express, an Old school hip hop mix tape that I have been dragging around for 18 years (Siberian Nights!), and Nightmares on Wax‘s DJ Kicks. Gotta love it, especially as it is playing all day. Poor Alice. She likes the dulcimer.

Opal says, “Records are like big, lo-tech cds.  They got the grooves and stuff.  They got the grooooooves.”

I’m back.
what with Alice gone last week to sailing camp at the Center for Wooden Boats, I found myself out in the pasture every day with the sheep. I really have an appreciation for Alice’s contribution to the household, I tell you!
So many thoughts crossed my mind, and I wanted to write about half of them, this being journal as well as public space, but alas, I had absolutely zero time for sitting at the computer.

yarn riot

(there’s a stash shot for ya)

I did manage to get a lot of cuffs knit. I could do about a pair and a half done while watching the sheep.
All this cuff knitting was brought about by a pending swap with Soule, which I completed yesterday. I traded these cuffs made to order for a few pieces of art which I need to photgraph yet.

cuffs for min

cuffs for soule
Not the greatest photos, but as I said, I was under diress!

I look forward to having a bit more time to read all y’all’s blogs. Then I will be able to talk about other folk’s cool happenings.
I did get turned on to the event that is going to be the apex of my summer perhaps. Pickathon! It’s been awhile since I went to a three day camping music event.

Opal has been in horse heaven what with the new alliance I have formed with a local lady. A friend, I think I can say! Yes, my new friend, Sharin, takes care of other people’s horses when needed, and has been facilitating Opal’s passion for the equine. Opal even got to ride a horse yesterday, but honestly, I think at this point the child would be happy mucking out stalls.

Oh, and yesterday I got home from work to find I had sold two cd pockets (here and here) via my etsy shop! I was more than surprised. I forgot I even had a shop. hah hah.

so, that’s all for now. I need to go generate more experience so I can write about it.

I was tagged by Shula to explain the name of my blog. I’ll bite. There’s a good story there.
Way back when I lived in the hills of Northern California. (Land of outlaws!) My home away from home was the Paddle Ranch Music Farm; we spent many an evening on the porch, smoking cigarettes, swapping songs and stories, planning gardens and gatherings.

Paddle Ranch Music Farm porch

This was the home of two of my dearest friends, Kent of Lokoyokol, and me best gal, Amy. (one of them still lives there.) Kent was trolling for band name suggestions, and Five Gallon Bucket was put forth. I thought it was capital, but he wasn’t into it.
You see, as Joel Salatin, pastured poultry pioneer, states, “Life on the farm wouldn’t exist without the five gallon bucket.” It is ubiquitous and can be used for almost anything.
The beauty of it, and why it fits my life so well, is that the five gallon bucket is garbage, cast off, a by-product of modern life. I am a super-recycler, it is my passion in all forms, and almost everything I utilize in my craft (and in my life, excepting food) has been thrown away by someone else.
Actually, this is a limitation as well as a gift; I really am unwilling to expand my business venture in any direction that would have me reliant on purchasing large quantities of New Supply. Therefore, I am (happily) locked into one-of-a-kind, which consumes a tremendous amount of energy.

(I have been using five gallon bucket as a business name for years. It is the name of my etsy shop, which I am not supporting at present.)

I tag jarvenpa, Rineke, and Helle.

Since I had the real photos out in search of that porch picture, I thought I would give you an archival kid pic.

Opal and Little Friend

Taken during a photoshoot here at our place, back when I had 50+ chickens, and was featured on the cover of our local cultural monthly rag.