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I took a few minutes to add almost the final touches to zaftig! Only a few ends to work in now. I don’t think I will even try to block it, although it will get a nice gentle wash for good measure.
So at long last, here she is!
zaftig... almost done

she is not perfectly fitting, but I will not wear her bare anyway. Or at least I won’t tell you about it, modest reader. Whether or not the fit issues are due to my knitting or the pattern, I know not. In any case, at my age it’s all make believe anyway!

The thing you can’t see in the picture is the absolutely perfect way that the variegation in the fixation is matched by that in ‘s handspun single. Perfect, I tell you. But, Opal is my official portrait photographer now that she has her own camera (yes, it was a great gift giving season in my family), so there are naturally limitations in her ability. She has the drive, her skill level will increase dramatically I predict.

I have to take the girls to the big library now, so I must away.

All day long, I have been listening to episode 6 of The Sheepshow, a knitting podcast out of Germany. Over and over again. I am starting to be able to understand maybe 1/6th of what they are saying, which is an improvement over the 1/8 I started at this morning.
You know what that means: I got an ipod nano for the winter holiday! I will give the shuffle to Opal, once I shell out the 30 bucks to fix it…

The other day, Mark and I found 4 CUTE kittens that had been abandoned under the recycling dumpster. Oh god, they were cute, but I shew restraint and drove them immediately to the no-kill shelter on the Long Beach peninsula. I am sure they will find very good homes, and I am glad we found them before they died of hypothermia on that very rainy and cold morning.

While in Long Beach (Wa, not CA), Opal and I stopped at Anna Lena’s where I shelled out a bunch of $$ on fabric!

fabric wealth
hmmm, one last splurge before I take the wardrobe refashion pledge in late January. Have you heard about Wardrobe Refashion? Here’s the gist of it:
“I Pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recycle pre-loved items for myself for the term of my contract. I Pledge that I shall create and craft items of clothing for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract.” (Here is the flickr wardrobe refashion group.)

So, yeah. Sounds like almost what I already do. Except for the fact that I have been shopping more than usual as of late, having sold my mother’s truck. I did get a new-to-me car! One that I hope shall last for years to come: a ’93 Toyota Corolla wagon, with relatively low miles, and a 4 cylinder engine.

I bought this book, too.
kokoro no te
total eye candy.
I was inspired to make some little… balls after perusing the projects in the book for a day. (The projects, BTW, are wonderful small pieces that showcase lovely fabrics and lots of embellishment.)
little balls
I made three of these, but the first I made disappeared as Mark tossed it back to me in our room. I tore the room apart, methodically, but could not find it anywhere, which convinces me (and I mean this) that the fairies snatched it out of the air. And may they enjoy it!

Okay, I finally broke down and made clapotis. I resisted for a long time, not being one for a bandwagon, but I kept seeing pics of it and loving it in almost every version. So here is a not-so-good photo of mine, a relatively skinny rendition in beautiful handdyed alpaca that was a holiday gift from Margaret of margaret’s handdyed yarn. (that woman is SOOO good to me.) It turned out all stained-glassy with the black striping. Wowza. Hope the recipient (my middle brother-in-law) liked it!
clapotis for Steph

what else? Oh, I took a little time to finish up a small knit bag I started ages ago. I like the direction it decided to go in in the end.
little blue bag

So anyway, there is a taste of my crafty life lately. It has been keeping me going in the midst of what I can only call depression. Blah.

I have been a busy person. I have not updated in so long, and there is too much to say in one post. Some highlights:
I went to the PDXEtsy fair on Nov. 19th, and sold very little, but had a wonderful time. I got to hang out with Kate. I sold the dotty tee-shirt to a lady who was very very hyper. It suited her well. We joked (Kate and I did) that I only sell a thing 2 years after it has been originally posted.

Here is new hat:


The girls and I got a great package from my pa:

All stuff he got for us in Poland. the bag with the spiral is from a company called Seven Wishes. You have to click on the polish language version of the site to see the collections, but it is worth the language barrier to check out the cool clothes! Unfortunately I couldn’t drag any of the photos so that I could post them here, so you will just have to go look.
Other things in the package were a hat from the Polish maountains, a shepherdess hat just for Alice! A great puzzle of vintage games, many stamps form Poland, thank you so much! and some more magazines: Shift, What is Enlightenment, Utne. If anyone wants to borrow some mags from me, just ask. I like to pass them around.

Here are the girls after the memorial for my mom:

and again

The white coat Opal is wearing was made for my mom by Grandma Rose. I had after her, than Alice, now Opsk.
Thanks to Anna for taking these photos.

what else? I have been making gifts. And shopping for them as well. I love buying presents! I can’t show those things off as they are gifts, and who knows who reads this blog?

I have to work today…it is a bad idea to go dye some roving I bought from midnight and lulu?
Nah, I’m going to do it! I have been making such headway on my ongoing stashbusting. Time to beef it up a bit. heh heh.

ugh, busy. I should say, Yay! busy!

Making these bottle bags like crazy, here are a couple more:

I am hoping they sell. I have a feeling they will, ’cause they are so pleasing, but I haven’t tested it yet. I am sewing on spec at this point! I am patiently waiting for etsy to come back up with the new V2 so I can list a couple. A day.
Have I mentioned that I am feeling this sense of satisfaction as I continually chip away at my out of control stash? These bags are an excellent way to achieve that end. My stash rather owns me, and while I am grateful for the abundance, I am also tired of being overwhelmed by the enormity of it. The more rickrack and hem binding and buttons and oddballs of yarn and 5 X 12 pieces of cloth I can use the better.

And a new little hat:

Now I need to go make more business cards. And some promos, little notepads with cloth covers.
There is the PDXetsy fair coming up on the 19th!

>>insert random fact: John Lurie is the greatest.

We are all abuzz with excitement at the possibility of moving to Astoria. Not leaving the Skamokawa place empty, no, Mark will stay here for work et al, but I need to be getting my youngest daughter into a better school since school is what she wants. Alice will benefit from living in town, as well, although we are wrangling out the details for her high school years. She loves unschooling. I think we are going to be placing more emphasis on curriculum if she doesn’t end up in the Institution. At any rate, she will for sure take advantage of the program that allows high school students to spend their last two years at the local junior college. The girl will take off given access to college curriculum.

speaking of Skamokawa, one of my neighbors at Twin Gables B & B put up a Skamokawa blog! Ain’t it beautiful round these parts?