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I quit smoking.
It has been 5+ weeks since I made the decision to do so and quit (although I had a 7-cigarette relapse), and much of my energy since then has gone into finding new habits to fill the neural pathways that Tobacco built.
Exercise has been key.
And I decided to start blogging again! I liked blogging, you know? But I convinced myself that I had no time, no time for the writing, for the photo processing, for reading other blogs. No time for maintaining those relationships that I had spent several years developing.

I even turned off the internet at my house!

And so, after a while, I felt like I had been away from the web world so long that I couldn’t come back. But that just ain’t true!

I am still not in the habit of writing again; I am just making my back home by sniffing the path for the long-ago-devoured bread crumbs, but you gotta start somewhere, so before I head home to watch the commentary on the Runaways movie with Opal (she has seen it twice already, but Joan Jett is alive in that girl’s heart…) I am going to post a few photos that were taken since I posted here last.

(It’ll give me some practice using the new flickr set-up too.)

One from Alice:
cirque du soleil tents

One from Opal:

and me signing off!

The kids were discussing the behavior of 17 year olds, or high school seniors, or something.
Alice (age 16): “I’m going to rise above all that.”
Opal (age 13): “How are you going to rise above anything when you’re so short?”
Alice: “….mentally!”

I have some work hanging in a show curated by Roger Hayes, the venue is the Cannon Beach Arts Association.

meander 1
(here is a larger view.)

Alice at the opening.

My good friend Sally Lackaff, standing in front of one of Roger’s paintings.

Roger is brilliant, and I was honored that I was invited to be a part of this show.

It is a beautiful sunny day here at the mouth of the Mighty Big river.

reserved for fickle bloggers, I know.

back garden

I have been completely and totally away from the internet for months. It has been fine, but I am ready to be back.

I have a camera again, after selling my hot shit Canon SLR to Mark who takes some really good photos.

I will take up where I left off:

Yesterday I went out to Mark’s, ie, the country house, and did some gardening. He has reworked the boundaries of the garden and I can’t tell you what a good thing that is. Sometimes it is difficult for me to delineate clear boundaries. I finally got the daylilies in the ground, planted to naturalize on the orchard hillside.

They are edible, you know! My goal is to plant edible beauties that will thrive without a lot of my attention. Come to think of it, that is my parenting goal as well. Minus the edibility part…

The girls, the girls. I came driving down the street last night, home from my day in the country, and I passed them sitting in a neighbor’s yard, getting ready to film a short movie. Alice payed the villain, Opal the victim. (Of course.) The villainy involved most of the contents of a bottle of organic ketchup, and they dragged in around 10, Opal soaked and smelly. It reminds me of when I was 9 and played the part of Astyanax (Hector’s son) in Sartre’s Trojan Women. The first night of performance it was decided that ketchup should equal blood, and when I got home my mother was royally pissed off at the mess. So I had to chuckle last night…. Of course I wasn’t mad at all, but it was hard to get Opal out of bed this morning.

Goal for today: update sidebars.