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auds' flags

Over the last few seasons, I have really come into my own where trades are concerned. I have been swapping for a long time, sometimes in a rather flakey way, but the whole romantic notion of trading that lived in my imagination wasn’t really coming to life. I mean, I had visions of running these trade routes, picking up lemons and pepper at my dad’s in SoCal, and bringing them up north and trading them at Barter Fair for, I don’t know, onions, or something suitably northern. And of course I would have brought my dad some things he needed.
That kind of thing.
So, what has been the hold up? Really. I grew up amongst enough hippie faire vibe to be able to hold my own, it would seem. I certainly can speak the language of non-monetary dealing. I guess I can chock my recalcitrance up to good ol’ Inhibition. If you know me, you’re gonna laugh, but really! I’m shy!
Well, last year I made a commitment to myself to follow through on my desire to attend Last Thursday Street Fair on a regular basis. This event is right up my alley; you don’t need to register, or pay a fee. You just show up and find a spot to pitch your sales table. It is a madhouse at times, but I feel very much at home there.

Somehow, that cracked the ice for me. I’ll be honest. I don’t sell much stuff when I try to. My etsy shop never really yielded me much, and now that I don’t make many things for sale, it obviously is super stalled. Besides, I hate feeling like I need to argue about what a thing is worth. It’s worth a lot, damn it!

I know I go back and forth about the selling thing, but lately I have been back, or forth, or whichever direction feels wishy washy about it. I told the Universe that I was ready to start trading, and all of a sudden it’s going on.

here are some successes, and successes to be:
I swapped this hat to a friend who was admiring it. She is a block printer extraordinaire, and made the lovely prayer flags you see above. For the hat, I’m going to get some more of her cards.
lughnasa flag
my favorite of the bunch. This is for lughnasa.

Soule on flickr (who is actually lives real close to me) was admiring these cuffs, and therefore I am making her two pair in trade for some art, or something. I haven’t decided yet.
the beginnings of a set of cuffs
the beginnings…

The person who received the pink cuffs sent my girls a humungous box of books from the publishing company where she works. It was an amazing bounty! The funny thing is, I thought we were trading cuffs for a skirt, but I like the books better anyway.
The thing about trading is you know the person loves it. And that is what counts.

here’s alice with a groovy outfit she put together. And a bunny smile.

Behr and Jama were just here for a visit. We had fun, and did a lot of shopping! Unfortunately all the photos from their visit are on Jama’s camera, and we couldn’t figure out how to get them onto my computer. Perhaps she will email me a few.
I am having a hard time making lists and projecting out plans without a cigarette. I need to do a bit of overviewing, but it’s like slipping around on ice wearing sneakers. Tobacco gives me a grip. sigh.

Not my super latest projects, but unblogged until this moment…

a super top secret gift for someone, on the blocking board:

fun with acid dyes 1:

fun with acid dyes 2 is in the form of a huge ball of green yarn that took the dye much more evenly than the roving. Less salt more vinegar. Currently being knit into another super top secret gift…

Opal is making her first mix cd for her class gift exchange! This is a big moment in my heart.
The chaos, documented:

Some wardrobe remix for you today. Clothes have always been my favorite creative expression. Opal tells me I am dressed too young for my age, however.

Thanks for the Mme. Moriarty, Kate! It smelled like burned plastic on me, a bit. Weird. Much nicer on Alice. Anyway, I’ll try it again. Funny card, too.
I am seriously considering a 4 or 5 day vacation in Portland. Instead of driving hundreds of miles, when really all I want to do is visit ALL my people in PDX. So brace yourselves, Portlanders! And make ready your couches!

Okay I need to go make something. To eat, to wear, to sell. My inventory is being depleted with the holidays and there is naught to replace it with, yet…