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and some thrift scores.

new cup

new dishes

new plate

How I love my eclectic assortment of dishes.
I have the most casual collection of restaurant china. There are certain patterns that are recurring in my life, but none that I specifically seek out. Of course, if you were to run across any of this:
palm leaf
I wouldn’t mind if you sent it me!

Here is a thought provoking post from Cosy. It gave me pause, and during the pause, I remembered a wee manifesto I had written a couple years ago. So I went ahead and moved it over to this blog.
I have been slow in moving over the archives from my live journal but they are all over there if you really must know.

Did I not mention dirt? well, here it is:

When I moved to this house I had dreams of gardening, but I quickly realized that there was no soil to speak of in the backyard, the place where my garden must be. The people who put this trailer in 30 years ago had scraped off all the topsoil to make a space, and the only dirt that wasn’t strange sandy clay was all contained in the thin layer of sod. I set about to make dirt where there was none, a task that requires patience and taxes loving but more orderly partners.
Cardboard, manure, straw, rags, sand, layers and layers of these elements put down when I had them, no science involved.
This is the first year I am really feeling like my garden is worthy of that name.
A chaotic approach pays off!

One more thing to play catch up over the last few days.
I snuck in a project for myself; I was attempting to make the most unique head scarf with a pieced border (as my hair is getting long and I have to accept it) but the darn thing was too thick at the corners and wouldn’t tie.
small tablecloth
So now it is called a small tablecloth and for sale. What else am I going to with it? It is pretty enough though.

All day long, I have been listening to episode 6 of The Sheepshow, a knitting podcast out of Germany. Over and over again. I am starting to be able to understand maybe 1/6th of what they are saying, which is an improvement over the 1/8 I started at this morning.
You know what that means: I got an ipod nano for the winter holiday! I will give the shuffle to Opal, once I shell out the 30 bucks to fix it…

The other day, Mark and I found 4 CUTE kittens that had been abandoned under the recycling dumpster. Oh god, they were cute, but I shew restraint and drove them immediately to the no-kill shelter on the Long Beach peninsula. I am sure they will find very good homes, and I am glad we found them before they died of hypothermia on that very rainy and cold morning.

While in Long Beach (Wa, not CA), Opal and I stopped at Anna Lena’s where I shelled out a bunch of $$ on fabric!

fabric wealth
hmmm, one last splurge before I take the wardrobe refashion pledge in late January. Have you heard about Wardrobe Refashion? Here’s the gist of it:
“I Pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recycle pre-loved items for myself for the term of my contract. I Pledge that I shall create and craft items of clothing for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract.” (Here is the flickr wardrobe refashion group.)

So, yeah. Sounds like almost what I already do. Except for the fact that I have been shopping more than usual as of late, having sold my mother’s truck. I did get a new-to-me car! One that I hope shall last for years to come: a ’93 Toyota Corolla wagon, with relatively low miles, and a 4 cylinder engine.

I bought this book, too.
kokoro no te
total eye candy.
I was inspired to make some little… balls after perusing the projects in the book for a day. (The projects, BTW, are wonderful small pieces that showcase lovely fabrics and lots of embellishment.)
little balls
I made three of these, but the first I made disappeared as Mark tossed it back to me in our room. I tore the room apart, methodically, but could not find it anywhere, which convinces me (and I mean this) that the fairies snatched it out of the air. And may they enjoy it!

Okay, I finally broke down and made clapotis. I resisted for a long time, not being one for a bandwagon, but I kept seeing pics of it and loving it in almost every version. So here is a not-so-good photo of mine, a relatively skinny rendition in beautiful handdyed alpaca that was a holiday gift from Margaret of margaret’s handdyed yarn. (that woman is SOOO good to me.) It turned out all stained-glassy with the black striping. Wowza. Hope the recipient (my middle brother-in-law) liked it!
clapotis for Steph

what else? Oh, I took a little time to finish up a small knit bag I started ages ago. I like the direction it decided to go in in the end.
little blue bag

So anyway, there is a taste of my crafty life lately. It has been keeping me going in the midst of what I can only call depression. Blah.

Behr and Jama were just here for a visit. We had fun, and did a lot of shopping! Unfortunately all the photos from their visit are on Jama’s camera, and we couldn’t figure out how to get them onto my computer. Perhaps she will email me a few.
I am having a hard time making lists and projecting out plans without a cigarette. I need to do a bit of overviewing, but it’s like slipping around on ice wearing sneakers. Tobacco gives me a grip. sigh.

Not my super latest projects, but unblogged until this moment…

a super top secret gift for someone, on the blocking board:

fun with acid dyes 1:

fun with acid dyes 2 is in the form of a huge ball of green yarn that took the dye much more evenly than the roving. Less salt more vinegar. Currently being knit into another super top secret gift…

Opal is making her first mix cd for her class gift exchange! This is a big moment in my heart.
The chaos, documented:

Some wardrobe remix for you today. Clothes have always been my favorite creative expression. Opal tells me I am dressed too young for my age, however.

Thanks for the Mme. Moriarty, Kate! It smelled like burned plastic on me, a bit. Weird. Much nicer on Alice. Anyway, I’ll try it again. Funny card, too.
I am seriously considering a 4 or 5 day vacation in Portland. Instead of driving hundreds of miles, when really all I want to do is visit ALL my people in PDX. So brace yourselves, Portlanders! And make ready your couches!

Okay I need to go make something. To eat, to wear, to sell. My inventory is being depleted with the holidays and there is naught to replace it with, yet…

Now didn’t I start off this month so cocky about how I had released myself from the Romantic Mythos? “Seas have their source, and so have shallow springs, and Love is Love, in beggars and in kings,” so the song goes, and here I was disbelieving it.
But no, October has blown in with all it’s Scorpian bittersweet and I realize that I do indeed harbor several broken hearts…
So many compromises have been made. And I suppose that it is the acceptance of this that really brings a person closer to being an Elder than anything.
But what do I know?

I got an order a week ago for a scarf like the one I made for my friend Heidie. That one seen here

I made this autumnal beauty.

This type of project is a lot of fun. I never know how the colors will work together til I get aways past each combo. I learn a lot of about combinations doing this, if I care to pay attention.

I have been steadily working on wrapping up swaps and old projects. I will not be doing as many swaps in the future, at least not for the time being. Nothing personal, only a reservation of energies, now that I seem compelled to finish things. You know, i sign up for a cd swap, and I can’t just burn the durn things and send them out, no, I have to make a custom sewn pouch for each one, and hand write the playlists on recycled paper, and so on. and then half the time I don’t even like the music on the cds I receive, and who knows if they like the music on mine? Which reminds me, , I want to send you a copy of that mix…
I bought some little notebooks and I write a daily list on each page. I am fairly well impressed, not to be full of myself or anything, by how well I have been staying on task. I now feel uncomfortable if I have old projects hanging fire. This is quite novel. I like it! It’s like I get “anxiety in advance” if ends are raveling all over the place.
Guys, do you see the shift? I am so excited!! It won’t be long now, I am maturing past my flakiness! My house is staying clean, too!
I even went and wrapped up my trusty old site,, and I am now sending everyone over to the etsy shop. I have needed to do this for a long time. I will maintain (well, start maintain my existing) mailing list, too. More cleanup. yep. So go check out the old site and see how nifty and neat it looks.

And I figured out my next tattoo. I can’t tell you what it is, cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I will say it is going to be on my knuckles. And it is political in nature. Cause I’m so fuckin tough. ha hah ah hah!

I hear Opal yipping like a wild dog in the house (computer is in the outside office) and now there’s pounding, too, so I think that’s my cue.
be well all you happy people!