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We are all in a tizzy around here this evening, because today is Mark’s birthday, and tomorrow is mine. Everyone seems to be hiding in corners making presents. It is very thrilling!

I drove up the driveway this afternoon and this is what I saw:
It was a very strange thing, I felt as if I had walked back into another era. Sometimes I get time and place all mixed up. It is what I call timelessness…

We have four lambs in the field so far this year! Two singles and a set of twins. One of the twins has contracted tendons (she was born that way) and we have her legs wrapped to help stretch them out.
little greenlegs

Yesterday she got too much exercise and one of her legs was hot and swollen today. I wrapped it in cabbage leaf for a few hours to cool it and tomorrow I will poultice with potato. I think she will be fine, but we have to have her and her ma and sister penned in close and Paola, the mom, is not happy about it.

let little lambs lie

They are so cute!
so cute!

We have had lots of trouble with coyotes in the past, so the sheep only go out under Alice’s watchful eye these days. As it was last year. We didn’t lose any lambs to the wild dogs last season. Alice is a good shepherdess. all that will be over once she starts school, however.
We will enjoy it while it lasts.

So, Sunday morning. And the last day of 2006. I am passing up an invitation to a party; Mark and I are going clam digging instead. I can taste the bouillabaisse already….

Yesterday was fragmented by many phone calls. (Sorry about my phone hanging up on you, Stan! We talked so long the battery died, and when I called you back, it was busy…) I did manage to get some crafting done- I spun this roving up into yarn!

new yarn

I plyed it with a commercial yarn, some slubby blue wool novelty yarn called Commotion. (I have never been able to figure out what to do with all that stuff. It so thin.) Some of the green is barely spun. I am just figuring this out. I actually had stalled out on spinning altogether because of my aversion to spinning dry wool, but after having a conversation with cosyknitsliterally about spinning dry vs. in the grease, I figured I had better just get to it. I actually misted the roving with a water/olive oil emulsion and let it sit for awhile, which gave it a bit of lubrication.
anyhow, I am happy with the result, and ready to spin more. I sorted through my stash of fiber, and threw some nasty old fleece onto the compost, and have the next bit lined up to go. Mostly I have greasy, colored wool, so I will be using that for now, but I plan on ordering some washed fiber form Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. Thanks to miss hawklet for the link to that animal friendly farm!
Speaking of animal friendly farms, I bought this skein of yarn from last night, and look at the picture Kim sent me! It is Ina, the sheep whose wool made the yarn I ordered!
ina the sheep
The folks at Grand View Farm are also homeschoolers, hurray! When I get the yarn, which I plan on dyeing pink, I will let you all know how I like it. It is supposed to be Super Soft.

Oh, and one more thing. Mark sent me this link to a hilarious TV spot for the L.A. County Fair. Illustrating exactly why it (and fiber education for the population at large) is needed. Go watch it for a chuckle, unless Blonde jokes bother you. “Duh, Ashley, all wool comes from a cow.”