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My friend Kris at the Bike Garage here in Astoria told me about Parkour today.

I spent some time on the balance board after that; it’s raining so hard, and sideways at that, I can’t conceive of bike riding but I have goals, yes I have goals. I know I am older than some, and a bit old to be discovering my inner athlete (and let me tell you that bones heal slower at 40 than 20, as I found out skateboarding a few months back…) I have mentioned proprioception before however, and I can’t shake that fascination. It’s in me deep.

So, training begins.
I am going to yoga tomorrow.
Finally, after much procrastination. I even bought a mat! And I had to make a bag for it tonight. Of course!
bag for mat
oh for a nice crisp picture…

Yeah, it’s flooding out in Skamokawa! here’s a photo and a post. Thanks Mark. Glad I’m not there!

I think I will start a new feature: the Daily Discovery. Today’s was clearly Parkour!
good night!

humungous storm

We just had a beautiful tremendous storm that has our power out even now, several days later…
an “extratropical cyclone,” they say. The flash that I saw sunday night (and thought, “no, there shouldn’t be lightning”) was one of the transformers blowing out. I love to see transformers blowing…

I am in the country now, basking in the world of electricity, woodstove, brought some stout in from town so I’m good to go!

This is the first storm season that I have been living totally dependent on grid power, and it is a bit humbling. My new house has electric cooking and sans electricity, there’s no hot food, but I’m not complaining. The owners of my work establishment (shall I call them bosses) were so generous to open up their doors to all off us “in the family” who needed a place to cook and so forth. It has been a bonding time.

High points of the storm: heading up to Paul’s 8th floor apartment on sunday afternoon to listen to the wind, thinking about environment=instrument, and my question was, “Is one environment or instrument?” and Paul’s answer was “both?”
Maybe it didn’t go quite like that but something… (the stout is getting in the way)

Walking Monday morning with the girls in the 80 (or higher) mph gusts, learning how to keep from being blown over (back to the wind and squat down).

Sitting for an hour in a line for gasoline, not that I really needed gasoline, but I wanted the experience. Why was this a high point? (especially as the pump I was in line for ran out exactly when I got to it)
Humans here don’t seem to have many outlets for their wildness, and this kind of event brings people to their edge, the edge of their comfort zone. It doesn’t take much to push them, and I spent the hour waiting for fuel listening to the human storm raging around me… like a carnival, but more frightening.

Community. How many ways can I count my appreciation for the informal family I have stepped into and helped to create on our small block in Astoria? My heart goes out…

So, a snippet of video that Mark shot standing on a porch on the mouth of Skamokawa creek on Monday morning. Looking away from the river. The wind combined with an ebb tide made for some high drama. I was several miles downriver from where this was filmed.

Speaking of film, between the time of this post and the last, I had flash moment in which my fear of taking photos was diminished if not erased. Thanks go out to soph of stitch blog for her diy camera school. It pushed me over the edge into understanding.
Sadly, I left the camera in town, but you will have photos. Oh will you ever, I promise.

Here’s a little trip to Skamokawa, WA. For starters, it is pronounced Ska-mok-a-way. People have a tough time with that. It’s tiny village, in fact, there is one website that calls it a semi-ghost town. I feel it when I pinch myself, so I know I’m still alive (if pinches measure that sort of thing, which I doubt they do) but it’s possible that the history of this place is larger than its present.
This is the center of town, or at least where the post office lives.
skamokawa town center

And this is our fine postmistress, Luanne, and the post office cat, Shorty.
postmistress and her cat
Shorty and I are great friends. I am fond of Luanne, too.

Skamokawa itself is on a creek that feeds into the Big River, but if you head toward my house, you drive through a valley that is separated from the river by a range of hills. There are farms there, and remnants of farms. I recently spent some time photographing the interior of a house that is slowly being taken apart. I wanted to capture the layers that had been laid down (or pasted up) by the 100 years of family life in that home. It seems I was successful. Someone made this comment about this photo.
“Hi, I’m an admin for a group called photographic immortality, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.
Love those old style bath tubs, you have given this shot photographic immortality, great shot.”
I was glad to hear it.
There are many more photos of this house to be seen here.

A flickr search of the Skamokawa tag revealed this photoset taken someone who was on one of Mark’s tours last year. I especially like this photo of Andrew in his coyote cap and buckskin leggings playing fiddle for the group.

One more house photo for you all.

ugh, busy. I should say, Yay! busy!

Making these bottle bags like crazy, here are a couple more:

I am hoping they sell. I have a feeling they will, ’cause they are so pleasing, but I haven’t tested it yet. I am sewing on spec at this point! I am patiently waiting for etsy to come back up with the new V2 so I can list a couple. A day.
Have I mentioned that I am feeling this sense of satisfaction as I continually chip away at my out of control stash? These bags are an excellent way to achieve that end. My stash rather owns me, and while I am grateful for the abundance, I am also tired of being overwhelmed by the enormity of it. The more rickrack and hem binding and buttons and oddballs of yarn and 5 X 12 pieces of cloth I can use the better.

And a new little hat:

Now I need to go make more business cards. And some promos, little notepads with cloth covers.
There is the PDXetsy fair coming up on the 19th!

>>insert random fact: John Lurie is the greatest.

We are all abuzz with excitement at the possibility of moving to Astoria. Not leaving the Skamokawa place empty, no, Mark will stay here for work et al, but I need to be getting my youngest daughter into a better school since school is what she wants. Alice will benefit from living in town, as well, although we are wrangling out the details for her high school years. She loves unschooling. I think we are going to be placing more emphasis on curriculum if she doesn’t end up in the Institution. At any rate, she will for sure take advantage of the program that allows high school students to spend their last two years at the local junior college. The girl will take off given access to college curriculum.

speaking of Skamokawa, one of my neighbors at Twin Gables B & B put up a Skamokawa blog! Ain’t it beautiful round these parts?