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is this hat.

handspun hat

I am fairly well pleased with the photo. It is in line with my aesthetic goals for my shop. For my life even! The only trouble with extending the aesthetic out to my surroundings is that it requires me to spend time developing new habits, and I want to spend my time making stuff. I figure that moving into a new house will give me a good start on a fresh look. I simply won’t have to move everything over to Astoria! Oooh, I had better not leave a mess behind, though, or I will sorely regret it…
Speaking of Astoria, I did indeed get a bank account there yesterday, which is noteworthy here on the blog for the sole reason that, completely by accident, I ended up dealing with my mother’s banker. She even had little stories to tell me about my mom. Funny ones, too.
Life is so poignant. Damn.

I love this photo.

from the flickr photostream of eclectic gipsyland.

Here, too, is a REALLY invigorating and soothing (what is this, aromatherapy?) photoset seen on flickr. Belonging to nesting.emily. I highly recommend it. ha hah!

now back to knitting. Or maybe sewing. One of the projects I have going right now is a pocket-only apron. You know, I inherited a large number of clothes from my mother, and most of them not so nice. I am working on finding ways to use some of the denim from her jeans that I can’t take to the thrift store. I imagine much of the fabric will end up as mulch, but a small amount of it is going into this little apron.
I think that I need to admit that, at least for the time being, I am not settled into doing only (up to) three projects at a time. I was doing so well, too!
na ja.

So, Sunday morning. And the last day of 2006. I am passing up an invitation to a party; Mark and I are going clam digging instead. I can taste the bouillabaisse already….

Yesterday was fragmented by many phone calls. (Sorry about my phone hanging up on you, Stan! We talked so long the battery died, and when I called you back, it was busy…) I did manage to get some crafting done- I spun this roving up into yarn!

new yarn

I plyed it with a commercial yarn, some slubby blue wool novelty yarn called Commotion. (I have never been able to figure out what to do with all that stuff. It so thin.) Some of the green is barely spun. I am just figuring this out. I actually had stalled out on spinning altogether because of my aversion to spinning dry wool, but after having a conversation with cosyknitsliterally about spinning dry vs. in the grease, I figured I had better just get to it. I actually misted the roving with a water/olive oil emulsion and let it sit for awhile, which gave it a bit of lubrication.
anyhow, I am happy with the result, and ready to spin more. I sorted through my stash of fiber, and threw some nasty old fleece onto the compost, and have the next bit lined up to go. Mostly I have greasy, colored wool, so I will be using that for now, but I plan on ordering some washed fiber form Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. Thanks to miss hawklet for the link to that animal friendly farm!
Speaking of animal friendly farms, I bought this skein of yarn from last night, and look at the picture Kim sent me! It is Ina, the sheep whose wool made the yarn I ordered!
ina the sheep
The folks at Grand View Farm are also homeschoolers, hurray! When I get the yarn, which I plan on dyeing pink, I will let you all know how I like it. It is supposed to be Super Soft.

Oh, and one more thing. Mark sent me this link to a hilarious TV spot for the L.A. County Fair. Illustrating exactly why it (and fiber education for the population at large) is needed. Go watch it for a chuckle, unless Blonde jokes bother you. “Duh, Ashley, all wool comes from a cow.”

Now for the photos! the quirk in the camera is fixed and I don’t have lug the whole tripod around with me, so, I’m been snapping away.

first of all,

Go take a tour of the Yarn Museum! A collaborative project spearheaded by pinkveneer. It is greater than great.

here is one of Opal’s latest pictures:
I love wool
Heh heh, I thought it said, “I Love Wool” when she gave it to me…

One of my new favorites on flickr is gooseflesh. her embroidery of insects is really really cool. (BTW, when someone’s photos say “all rights reserved” I imagine it is bad form to drag the photo off for posting on one’s blog? Someone tell me. Until I know yay or nay, I leave you to click the link to see the pictures…)

I was given some luscious yarn by Margaret of Margaret’s Handdyed Yarn. See:

Behr and Jama bought me this when they were here:

I love it.

Okay, signing off. See ya!