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There seems to be no end to the fear. In my sweetest moments, when all is as it should be, I am somehow able to absorb and transmute that fear into a planar element, into part of the whole, but if I am not consciously in focus or blindsided by some Natural High, the Shadow is there, a razor’s edge. I can only hope to maintain awareness of its presence, and will the blood to flow clear and bright.

wasps nest in my living space

wasp’s nest in my living space

I got a killer package in the mail from vlada who is fucking brilliant and whom I have long had a craft crush on.

There were many things in the box, among them clothes to thrill my daughters, but for me these are the stand-outs:



what more can I say? (except maybe check out my victorian paisley shawl!)

actually I do have few more words. I was contemplating silk yesterday, as per this post by jude. What do I know of silk? not much… I have little call to the silk road, being of a woolen bent, but as I was driving along the big river, looking at the myriad greys caught in the water’s surface, I realized that perhaps silk is the only fiber that can hold light like water. Worth further meditation, and perhaps experimentation.

can you believe I am actually going to post?
I have my work routine dialed in; I am away from home for three days out of the week, home four, during which time I catch up my sleep and correspondence, cook, and make stuff. Go to the library, be a mom, you get the picture. Garden a bit…
Working in a pub has its idiosyncracies. Like you have to drink a lot of beer just to be social. I even had to have a pre-shift beer on Father’s Day!
And of course I won’t drive with a buzz, having learned my lesson, a couple times actually (um, I’m a slow learner), so then I have to sit there and knit while the warmth wears away…
making for exceptionally late nights.
I am diligently working on a pair of the simplest socks, in those moments spent in town away from my stash, and I expect I’ll be done with them soon.
Here at home, I am trying to pick crafts that interest the kids, just to spend some time with them. Lately I have been on a postcard kick!

beer and accordians



I hear and I forget

In collage, I like to create metaphor with as few elements as possible. The simplicity is refreshing in my world.

I have to end this post with the admission that one of the biggest deterrents to posting lately, and an effective one, obviously, is my crappy camera. I think it is deteriorating, as I used to be able to take a halfway decent picture, but as it gets older, my pictures get shittier…
With my time more limited these days, I have less and less patience for setting up shots. I need to be able to snap and go. A photo-less post is no post at all, and so there you have it. Weeks without a word.
Bear with me, and thank you for those who have.

It’s just that I have a new job, one in another town, and I have not been spending a minute of my time on the internet…

Thanks to those who check in. Perhaps I shall have something to say (well, I always have that), rather, time to say it in, soonish…